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Awesome Alternative Uses For Sugar Waste-Free Health (3)

Awesome Alternative Uses For Sugar: Waste-Free Health

You’ve committed yourself to the cause: no more refined sugar. It’s no good, you know you shouldn’t be eating it, but there it is loitering in the cupboard, tempting you to fall off the wellness wagon.

You consider throwing it out – cold turkey is best, right? But it seems like such a waste.

Good news! There are loads of marvellous things you can do with sugar besides eating it…

Alternative Uses For Sugar…

First Aid

Treat Your Wounds With Sugar…

A sprinkling of sugar over a wound can aid the healing process. I know, it sounds like an Old Wives’ tale, but studies have shown that granulated sugar can kill the bacteria. That bacteria is what causes chronic pain, and prevents wounds from healing. Using sugar on open wounds has proven very beneficial for a lot of people, and sugar paste is still used by some nurses as a standard treatment.


Wash Away Grease And Grime…

When you have seriously grimy hands, slather your hands in a soap and sugar mix. The easiest way to do it is to add granulated sugar to a half empty bottle of liquid soap and mix it in (don’t over-mix!). Lather up the soap and scrub away all the muck – the sugar will form a natural abrasive.

Moisturise Tired Hands…

If your hands are dehydrated, trade the soap for olive oil (in equal amount to the sugar) and use it as a moisturiser.

Cleaning Coffee Grinders…

Grinders for spices and coffee beans quickly collect intense flavours and oil that can be difficult to clean. Sugar is seriously the easiest way to deal with this pesky problem! It will absorb all the unwanted elements in your grinders and leave them wonderfully clean. Just pour half a cup of sugar into your grinder, let it chew on it for two or three minutes, then dump it out and give it a quick wipe.


Remove Grass Stains…

The bane of all parents, grass stains can be removed using a paste of sugar and warm water. Apply the paste of the stain, leave it for at least an hour (tough stains will need longer), then wash the garment as usual.


Make A Scrumptious Banana Body Scrub…

I love bananas  (in smoothies, on toast, and as a snack!) but even I have to admit defeat eventually. When they’re past the point of being edible and I’ve forgotten to freeze them for smoothies, I repurpose them for a little pampering. Banana is an excellent moisturiser, making it perfect for creating a body scrub. Simply mash up a ripe banana with three tablespoons of the sweet stuff and a teaspoon of olive oil (careful, it’s easy to over-mix it!), and smother it over your skin. Rinse off in the shower and enjoy smooth skin and smelling delicious for the rest of the day!

Kissable Lips…

If you want a treat for your lips, blend caster sugar, olive oil, a spot of jojoba and a dab of vanilla extract or peppermint into a paste. Smother your lips, massage it in and after a few minutes, wash it off..technically you could also lick it off, but that would be rather counter productive!


Flower Food…

Sugar is perfect for flowers. Add a mixture of white wine vinegar and sugar to the water you place your fresh cut flowers in and they will last longer. For every litre of water use two tablespoons of vinegar and three teaspoons of sugar. The vinegar will prevent bacteria from growing while the sugar feeds your flowers.

Butterfly Food…

If you love butterflies and like to make your garden as friendly as possible for them, here’s a great recipe for butterfly food, courtesy of The Butterfly Garden, by Matthew Tekulsky. The main ingredient? Sugar!

  • 1 pound sugar
  • 1-2 cans of stale beer
  • 3 overripe bananas (mashed)
  • 12 tablespoons of syrup
  • 12 tablespoons of fruit juice
  • 1 shot of rum

Simply mix all the ingredients together (no fear you will over-mix this one!) and paint it across your garden on trees, stumps, fence posts or rocks. Alternatively, use a sponge to soak it all up and hang it from a tree.


Did I miss anything? If you have any more great alternative uses for sugar, pop a comment below and let me know!

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Ahh… Christmas. The time of the year when we let our hair down, indulge in (too many) mince pies, cakes and alcohol, and sing those same-old crazy Christmas songs. If you know which foods trigger your symptoms, then you may just survive the Christmas period with your health intact. But what if you don’t know? 

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My Daily Diet – Kate

As therapists at The Allergy and Health Test Clinic, Katherine and I always follow our own advice. As nutrition is not a one-diet-fits-all business, we both follow different diets for different reasons.

I follow a paleolithic style diet. This diet focuses on good quality vegetables, meats, fish, and healthy fats such as flaxseed and olive oil, together with some fruits, nuts and seeds. Carbohyrdates are not restricted, but instead are sourced from starchy vegetables rather than wheat, corn, rice etc. There are no processed foods or sugars, and no dairy (although I do have live yoghurt once a day). The benefits of this diet are weight regulation without counting calories or weighing foods, increased satiety from meals (meaning less snacking between meals – something I’m prone to!),  lowered inflammation, and most importantly for me: support for my overworked adrenal glands.

I’m not a great or adventurous cook, so a typical day for me might be:

6.30am – mixed green salad, grated beetroot, avocado, peppers, tomatoes, steamed fillet of salmon, pumpkin seeds, furikake (sea vegetables with sesame seeds), 2 tablespoons flaxseed oil.

Cucumber, tomato, spinach, lambs lettuce, mange tout, avocado, furikake (sesame and seaweeds), pumpkin seeds, and finally steamed salmon, all drizzled with flaxseed oil... now that's what I call breakfast!
Now that’s what I call breakfast…yum!

1pm – mixed green salad wrapped into parcels with parma ham, served with steamed veggies

5pm – A quick snack of leftover steamed veggies from children’s tea

7pm – stir fry with olive oil, vegetables (e.g. pak choi, onion, peppers, cabbage, carrot, butternut squash etc) and meat, sprinkled with furikake, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.
Dessert of live yoghurt with flaxseed oil, sprinkled with seeds and nuts (e.g. cashew and brazil)

I’ve been following this style of eating for a year now, having been almost vegan previously. For ethical reasons, as well as for nutrient value,  I always look for organic and grass-fed meat, and wild fish wherever possible. I also aim to eat at least 10 types of organic vegetables per day although as you can see, I don’t do smoothies or juices – I just like to eat my food too much!

If you are interested in eating a paleolithic diet too, you may like to take a look at Sarah Ballantyne’s website  The Paleo Mom or book an appointment with me in London and we can discuss whether the diet would suit you.


PS. Yes, I did cheat a little over Christmas. It was chocolate cake and it just looked too good….

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Wondering how to pay for your appointment? Well, wonder no more…

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